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5 Awesome Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair 2021 – Which One to Choose?

Do you want to know the secret of a clean house that has been guarded by the Japanese for all these years? Ok, here we go then. “Don’t let your pets and kids enter the house.” Holy smokes, the secret is out in the open now.

So, can you forbid the entry of your kids and pets in their own house? Definitely not! Bummer joke on the Japanese secret, isn’t it?

best robot vacuum pet hair

We all know that our pets and kids don’t have a bone of cleanliness in them. As a matter of fact, there are no hygiene rules or regulations for them.

So, the only workaround over here would be to befriend the latest technology in the cleaning industry and bring home the best robot vacuum for pet fur to deal with all the annoyance.Bingo!

Best Robot Vacuums for Pets in 2020

So, let’s go through comparison table first

 Product NameCharge time Run timeNoise (Average)Rating
5 Awesome Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair 2021 – Which One to Choose? 15 Awesome Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair 2021 – Which One to Choose? 2iRobot Roomba 6503 Hour60-90 minutes (depends on floor)64db8.6
5 Awesome Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair 2021 – Which One to Choose? 35 Awesome Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair 2021 – Which One to Choose? 4iRobot Roomba 9602 Hour75 minutes58db8.7
5 Awesome Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair 2021 – Which One to Choose? 55 Awesome Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair 2021 – Which One to Choose? 6iRobot Roomba 8803 hour60 minutes65db8.4
5 Awesome Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair 2021 – Which One to Choose? 75 Awesome Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair 2021 – Which One to Choose? 8bObi Pet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner4 Hour55 minutes65db8.3
5 Awesome Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair 2021 – Which One to Choose? 95 Awesome Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair 2021 – Which One to Choose? 10Eufy RoboVac 11 4 Hour54 minutes60db8.5

Kids can still be disciplined, but pets really are the enemies of cleanliness.

They would leave their hair/fur all over the place. Their beds would serve as an open invitation to horrifying insects, mites, and ticks. The animal poop-that’s literally the worst indoor crap to deal with.

Ok, we have bashed our beloved pets enough. Thankfully, we were not physically brutal. We love them. Heck yeah! Therefore, we cannot let minor cleanliness chores ruin our loyal relationship with them.

iRobot Roomba 650 – A good Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

5 Awesome Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair 2021 – Which One to Choose? 11

5 Awesome Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair 2021 – Which One to Choose? 12Roomba 650 is the most popular choice among pet lovers. Not because it does magic on floors, but also you can install new internal battery when it stops working. It works great on hardwood floors.Roomba 650 is a mini version of Roomba 960,While the later is sells for a high price and has advanced functions. 650 is cheap and gets the job done fast.

Roomba 650 uses a patented cleaning system that removes pet hair and debris from floors and carpeting.It can run for an hour with multi-room navigation.

What we don’t like about Roomba 650 is that it doesn’t have a remote.You can’t program it to work like you wanted. Despite this flaw, Roomba 650 can remove all dirt and hair from floors. It can run for 1 hour. Once the battery is low, it’ll go back to the base charging station. The noise is very low (65db) as well.

iRobot Roomba 960 – The Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

5 Awesome Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair 2021 – Which One to Choose? 13

5 Awesome Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair 2021 – Which One to Choose? 14

If you own multiple pets, this is the ideal robot vacuum.It got more power, best buy in our opinion. It’s the cheapest robotic vacuum that maps the room and returns itself to its charging station to recharge and then goes out and finishes the job afterward. Sounds cool right! With Roomba, the cheapest one that does that is the 960.It’s one of the best automatic vacuum for pet hair from Roomba.

Roomba 960 is expensive but its very well worth it.Its the mini version of expensive 980. weighing 8.5lbs, It can run 1hour 15minutes on a single charge. It supports self-charging and resumes after charging. Also it has multi-room navigation and scheduling.

The AeroForce 3-stage cleaning in the system is very powerful for dog hair and cat hair. Compared to 980, 960 is 5X stronger whereas 980 is 10X stronger. The carpet boost function lacks in 960, but it’s ok. Roomba 960 uses the motor found in 800-series, it’s why Roomba 960 sells for less than 980 having almost the same features

iRobot Roomba 880 – Midrange Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

5 Awesome Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair 2021 – Which One to Choose? 15

 5 Awesome Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair 2021 – Which One to Choose? 16

Roomba 880 is perfect for pet hair and allergies.The reason why we like Roomba 880 is because of its different cleaning patterns. Most of the other robots do pre-programmed runs like moving in a grid or spiral. But Roomba 880 is different. It acts like a humanoid cleaner. When Roomba 880 detects excess debris on the floor, it goes there fast and cleans it.

The manufacturer calls it persistent pass pattern.It’s random. Roomba 880 can also clean conventional flooring materials like linoleum, tile, short pile carpet, and hardwood.

Most of the robot vacuum loses power fast, and they use rechargeable batteries. Roomba 880 can provide 50% more power per charge. How? It uses advanced processors, and when the battery is low, it returns to the base station for charging.The best feature of Roomba 880 is HEPA filtration system. It’s a boon. It’s designed for your pet hair. The dual filtration system filters its own filter before any dust or fur can escape.

Also, the remote control is excellent. And it can be programmed to clean tricky spots overriding default cleaning program. To stop Roomba 880 to go out of the vicinity of cleaning area, two laser emitting towers used as invisible walls. These are battery powered.

What we don’t like is, Roomba 880 needs a clear LOS (line of sight) to detect charging base. Aside from this minor issue Roomba 880 is one of the best robot vacuum for pet hair and pets.

bObi Pet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – Best Budget Robotic Vacuum

5 Awesome Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair 2021 – Which One to Choose? 17

5 Awesome Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair 2021 – Which One to Choose? 18

This one is ideal for furniture and household touch ups. It’s a lightweight robot vacuum with a strong body.bObi Pet is from vacuum manufacturer, bObsweep. Its designed for pets and pet hair. The most wonderful feature of bObi Pet is Simultaneous sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, UV sterilization, and HEPA filtration. That’s 5in 1 system.

The battery life is 1 hour 30 minutes. It can take care of longer hair of pets and large particles.What we don’t like is the charging time, its 4 hours for a full charge. Its self-charge supported.Overall it a good robot vacuum for pet hair.

Eufy RoboVac 11 – Best Pet friendly robotic vacuum

5 Awesome Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair 2021 – Which One to Choose? 19

Its specifically built for Hard floor and Thin Carpet. The suction is very powerful and have HEPA  style filter for Pet Fur and Allergens. But it’s not suitable for very dark-colored floors and doesn’t come with virtual walls to keep it away from certain parts of your home.Aside from that flaws, it picks up more pet hair from the floors that any vacuum cleaner can vacuum.

The remote comes with Eufy is big, but there’s no app for it.The small LCD display on the remote shows you the details like time, whether the vacuum is plugged in (and charging) and if there’s a schedule for when the RoboVac 11 should be cleaning. The battery lasts for an Hour and a half; It got plenty of battery juice. The charging time is approx 4 hours.
Aside from a few drawbacks, you can’t simply beat it for the power and price. Hands down, it is the best cheapest robot vacuum for pet hair. Depends on the season and temperature (March and November) , cats and dogs can shed crazy amount hair. A damp rubber glove or vacuum cleaner can be used to clean pet hair from floors. But it isn’t ideal as the pets can roam inside and outside all the time. If you vacuum and sweep daily, you can keep your home almost free from pet hair (95%).

A good robotic vacuum will help you with whatever pet you have. Whether it’s dog hair, cat hair or small animals, these robot vacuum works great for pet hair. Not all but some Pets love being vacuumed. Some are scared of the noise.

Btw if you are interested you can build your own robot vacuum

How to Choose the Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair? – Buyer’s Guide

The Sucking Power

Did you know big companies spend millions of dollars on research and developments before launching their products? For instance, Gillette spent multi-millions on research and development costs on one of their razors that cost less than 50 bucks.

We don’t know yet how much is spent on the development of a robotic vacuum cleaner, but it would be practically worthless if it cannot suck enough dirt and debris from the targeted area. So, the best one should have a great suction power to perform well on different surfaces. Ideally, a unit should have at least 40-50 AWs of suction power.

The Noise

“The bigger, the better,” of course, not! Wouldn’t it be great to own a robotic tool that cleans all the mess such as the dog hair, kitty hair, and other dust particles, while you are watching your favorite television show or simply talking to your date on the phone? Come on; this isn’t too much to ask in this technological age. Here’s how you can lay your hands on a least noise making unit. Most product specifications will show the noise ratings in decibels (DB).

Products that have a DB of 60 or above would be quite noisy. So, go for the ones that are below 60 or preferably below 50 that deliver promising results without the loud noise. Now, don’t expect a completely noise free unit yet. The motor is bound to make some noise even on low DB products. So, you can’t expect your baby to be always sleeping while the vacuuming is being done, but at least you won’t frighten your pets or disturb your neighbors.

The Dust Bin Capacity

Nothing is more annoying than emptying the bin over and over again. So, the dust bin’s capacity is an important factor to consider while making a purchase. A bin with a good storage bag will allow you to clean more space continuously without having to stop to empty the bin repeatedly.

If you have a larger area, or if you own a pet that sheds frequently, then definitely go for a pet vacuum cleaner with larger dust storage capacity. Also, avoid units that do not give any indication when it’s nearing its capacity. A size of 12-14 oz is reasonably ok. Anything beyond that is certainly a bombshell.

The Battery-Life

How can we forget the battery life? It’s so important. We don’t want our tool to die in the middle of its operation. After all, half-arsed jobs really suck. So, keep in mind to purchase a unit that works for long without the need for countless charging cycles. Most of the products out there carry an indicator light that tells us that the battery is running out.

Industry experts suggest that batteries made from Li-Ion are the best ones out there because they can last for 40 to 150 minutes depending upon the other configurations of the product. Other than the running time, also take a look at the battery’s charging time. A full charge should be achieved within 4 to 5 hours. An ideal battery should run long and take less time for charging.

Good air filtration

Some of the cheap pet vacuum cleaners out there can do more mess than cleaning. All thanks to their inefficient air filtration unit, which fails to lock all the dust particles within the inbuilt dustbin. As a result, they spread the dust all over the place as the machine moves. Having a solid air filtration system in place can keep one immune from this problem.

Some of the best brands out there have vacuum cleaners with two levels of air filtration for getting rid of all the allergens. Of course, their hidden agenda is to be at their competitor’s throat by improving their product features. Coming back to air filtration, it also improves the general air quality, thereby allowing more breathable air in our rooms. You should ideally look for a model that has HEPA air filtration as they can filter out as much as 99.7% of the particles.

Other Features to watch out for when buying robotic vacuum

New Life: What if the product breaks down? Look, some technologies can go obsolete in no time in today’s world. So, will you be able to give new life to the product if it stops working for any reason?Believe it or not, some of these flashy non-repairable vacuum cleaners are fetching rock-bottom prices in garage sales. Invest in a product that is repairable or upgradable. Check the product warranties as well before you drop your dollars.

Navigation Software: Robotic pet vacuum cleaners do not use a camera for navigation. They use the in-built sensors to guide them. The sensors allow them to avoid crashes or obstacles along the way of working. Well-built navigation software should clear all the working space progressively and not randomly. It should also allow the unit to clean more edges, corners, and other tricky areas through its laser targeted sensors.

The Durability:Don’t expect rock-solid frame or solid steel construction. Almost every pet vacuum cleaner out there is made from plastic. The key is to check if it’s made from high-grade plastic or not. A vacuum cleaner made from high-grade plastics will last long and would be scratch resistant for the most part.

The Weight:Don’t go for the bulky ones. They are a pain to move around. If you want to clean areas that require the vacuum to be hand lifted often, you will thank us for this advice. So, get a pet vacuum cleaner that you won’t hate down the road. Lightweight is the way to go.

Final Verdict and review Summary

Robot vacuums are becoming more than a tool today. Its a good pet companion. The downside with today’s robot vacuums is recharge time and battery life. Almost all of them have a good battery life of 2 years. It needs less power to operate compared to the traditional vacuum cleaner. Another con is the noise. It may scare some pets with a weak heart. it’s worth checking out how robot vacuum works here

We hope that won’t happen and your pet will fall in love with robot vacuum. Overall, robot vacuums are best for cleaning micro pet hair and allergens that are hard to see and saves plenty time.

Well, that sums up our journey with you on the purchase of the robotic vacuum cleaner on the market today. Don’t let pet hair bother you anymore!

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