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Gaming Chairs for Every Budget in 2023

If you are looking for a chair for long session console, pc gaming or into completing the desk setup, check our rundown of 8 best gaming chairs right now. The funny thing is labeling ‘gaming’ makes everything perfect these days. And nobody will tell you that, almost all of the chairs will become uncomfortable up to a point where your *ss will become numb when you sat on it for too long.

best gaming chairs

And there’s something called weight tolerance for chairs (which we included for reference). For light gaming, office chairs will do the job fine. But for gaming addicts, it makes sense to get a chair for gaming. It’ll help you from back, neck and posture problems.

Best Gaming Chairs 2020 Reviews

See the comparison table of top gaming chairs for price to pick best for you in budget price.

Model MaterialWeight Limit Height LimitOur Score
DXRacer Formula Series Gaming Chairs for Every Budget in 2023 19Gaming Chairs for Every Budget in 2023 20Strong Mesh and PU cover200 lbs5'10" 8.6/10
Cougar Armor Gaming ChairGaming Chairs for Every Budget in 2023 21Gaming Chairs for Every Budget in 2023 22PVC leather264 lbs6'0" 7.8/10
Merax Gaming ChairGaming Chairs for Every Budget in 2023 23Gaming Chairs for Every Budget in 2023 24PU Leather250 lbs6'3" 8.4/10
Devoko Gaming ChairPU Leather300 lbs6'5" 9.0/10
GT Omega EVO XL Racing Office Chair Gaming Chairs for Every Budget in 2023 25Gaming Chairs for Every Budget in 2023 26PVC Leather 330 lbs6'5" 8.2/10
Vertagear Gaming Series Triigger Line 350Gaming Chairs for Every Budget in 2023 27Gaming Chairs for Every Budget in 2023 28Aluminum, Steel, Leather330 lbs6'5" 7.0/10
Herman Miller Executive Aeron Task Chair- Type BGaming Chairs for Every Budget in 2023 29Gaming Chairs for Every Budget in 2023 30Premium Materials300 lbs6'6" 8.1/10
DXRacer Tank Series DOH/TS29/NEGaming Chairs for Every Budget in 2023 31Gaming Chairs for Every Budget in 2023 32PU, Metal450 lbs 6'7" 9.0/10

There are tons of gamers out there who spend big bucks on graphic cards, headsets, and other gaming accessories, but they fail to address their uneasy chair. The usual chairs leave them with a back-breaking experience. Not to count out the discomfort, uneasiness, restlessness, and undesirable body stress derived from long hours spent on an inferior chair.

An ideal gaming chair should support your body in different positions throughout your time on the chair. gaming chair is also amazing for reading, work and for occasional nap. Without further ado let’s get to the reviews to get your best chair for Gaming 2019.

Devoko Gaming Chair Review – Best overall gaming Chair

If you have been researching gaming chairs for months, you could hit the jackpot with this chair. For its features, this gaming chair is right on the money. Did we mention it’s cheap as well? So, be ready to change your gaming gears with this affordable and comfortable chair. We recommend this one for most people!

Devoko Gaming Chair Build & Features:

This chair will give you a feeling of being on a bed but on a chair. It’s composed of premium quality genuine leather with thick padding from top to bottom of the seating area. At first impression, it might appear a bit stiff, but it’s actually pretty breathable. and the inbuilt lock tilt function will prevent you from falling back from the desired settings.

You can easily recline it to a sleeping position, and take a power nap when you feel tired. It has a generous load capacity of 300lbs. So, it can accommodate a giant-size person as well. The premium quality rolling wheels can help you move around the house without damaging the floor. It will also allow you to rotate 360 degrees to the left or right like a breeze.

  • This gaming chair is ultra-comfortable and stylish for what you are paying for. It sits comfortably and does not rock or wobble. So, you won’t feel like an earthquake victim on this chair. You can use it for gaming or regular desk work. In fact, you can literally fall asleep on this chair, and completely forget about your backache when you wake up.
  • Unlike other gaming chairs, assembling this unit won’t prove to be a pain in the butt. Even an 8-year-old should be able to assemble this chair within 30 to 40 minutes. Also, it doesn’t make any annoying sound. It will always be whisper quiet no matter how you use it. Better yet, the chair carries a 30-day warranty, and free replacement for defective or damaged parts up to 6 months.
  • Be ready for some hostility for the first few hours or days. Yes, you might find the paddings quite stiff in the beginning. However, this is only a temporary inconvenience. After a few hours or days, it will nicely fit into your body.
  • Moreover, your body heat will affect the material and make it soft and comfortable for use. So, you will have to give it some time to enter into the friendly zone.

Overall, this gaming chair is a steal for its price point. Frankly speaking, it’s worth a big hug!. we think you don’t have to move down further because this is easily a good gaming chairs given its affordability and features

DXRacer Formula Series – Review

Gaming Chairs for Every Budget in 2023 33

If you are looking for a sturdy and comfortable gaming chair that can survive extended use without breakdown or body pain, you are in luck. The DXRacer Formula Series Racing Office Chair will be right up your alley. It’s not one of those all looks and no substance unit. This chair is a tremendously comfortable unit that’s built to last. It’s perfect for playing your favorite games or for watching your favorite movies. To have a better appreciation for this chair, let’s dig into the profile of the gaming chair to know more about it.

DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH11/NR Build & Features:

This chair is made from soft padding and breathable material. The ergonomic design of the chair is solid as well. The lumber and neck cushions will compel you to maintain an upright position. You will be able to sit on the chair for hours without complaining about back or neck pain. The chair comes with most of the usual adjustments. The seat can be lowered to a certain degree for a quick power nap.

Basically, you can pretty much recline it easily to lie flat on it without the fear of tipping over or the chair breaking. The armrests can be height adjusted as well to different positions according to one’s preference. The armrests can also quickly thrown out of the way without compromising on any other functionality. Hopefully, this will be great news for all the guitar players out there.

  • The packaging and the assembling experience on this piece of furniture won’t blow your mind, but it won’t bother you either. It arrives well packed to prevent any cosmetic damage, and the assembling can be tackled single-handedly. Compared to its competition, it has a higher backrest. This provides better support to the entire back area from the pelvis to the neck. Furthermore, it’s a reasonably priced gaming chair that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.
  • Also, this chair is made available in many different colors. All of them look extremely sharp and stylish. Given the plentiful choices, you might feel like a kid in a candy store. You will easily find something that fits your taste. While at use, it doesn’t make annoying sounds. So, you will feel grateful for its calmness as well. Furthermore, the frame carries a lifetime warranty, and a 24-month warranty covers the parts. This chair is not for tall guy but Kids can use it as a kids gaming chair.
  • This chair may not be for everyone out there. It does not support weight over 200lbs and it caps out at the height of 5’10″/ 1.78 m. So, if you are above 1.78 m, this chair is not meant for you. Also, one or more popular colors may be out of stock at the time of order. So, be prepared for that as well. Overall, this chair is well-built, comfortable to use, and extremely functional.

Given the comfort, support, and durability, you can literally do everything on this gaming chair—play, work, eat, sleep, and REPEAT. And we don’t see any reason to NOT include in our best gaming chairs list. It won’t disappoint you as long as you are at or under the recommended height and weight category.

Vertagear Gaming Series Triigger Line 350 Review – Best Advanced Gaming Chair

Gaming Chairs for Every Budget in 2023 34

The Vertagear Triigger Line 350 could prove to be a ‘once in a lifetime’ purchase. Yes, this chair is the real deal. Imagine Ferrari… and not Ford or Chevrolet. If you think that competitive gaming is no less intense than competitive racing, you cannot afford to cast a blind eye to this chair.

This gaming chair will offer you the best comfort possible in the most convenient and efficient manner. It can easily support weights up to 330lbs without throwing any tantrums.

 Vertagear Triigger Line 350 Build & Features:

The paint job on this chair is stunning, to say the least. This chair can be easily distinguished in a crowd. The ergonomic design is meant to keep you longer on the chair without back pain or any other discomfort. The backrest is optimally contoured for maximum support. It has a button on the side that gives you the ability to fine-tune the angle of the entire back frame. At the press of a button, you can also move the seat slightly forward.

Basically, it offers you great customization power to best-fit your personal needs. The mesh material on the seat and the backrest really stand out. It has no heat concentration on contact, and it’s extremely breathable as well. It’s complimented by unbelievably soft calfskin leather on the edges of the chair.

  • The chair arrives pre-assembled for the most part. All you need to do is connect the wheels and few other movable parts to use the unit at a moment’s notice. Although it’s branded as a gaming chair, it’s also an office chair in disguise. Better yet, the chair’s functionality and durability are unmatched. The fibers can hold for long without losing their original shape and elasticity.
  • The height adjustment can be controlled by the right trigger that can offer you up to 3 ½ inches of extra height. The left trigger controls the tilt, which can be tilted up to 33 degrees. The armrests are super flexible. They can be easily rotated in and out in different positions. You can rotate them out if you need extra space to sit, and you can rotate them in if you need to rest your elbows comfortably.
  • The color choices are limited to black and red. The tilting position is maxed to 33 degrees, so it’s not suitable to sleep on the chair. Also, this is a high-end unit. So, if you are on a shoestring budget, this gaming chair may not be for you. This doesn’t mean that only Warren Buffet or Bill Gates can afford this chair. Yes, it’s seemingly expensive, but it will pay for itself in the long run.

The premium price comes with all the merits that you might be looking for in a high-end gaming chair. Remember, it’s a high-quality chair that can last for years to come. And best chair for gaming comes with expensive price tag. Also, don’t count out the value of comfort, convenience, and satisfaction that you will derive from this marvelous piece of furniture.

Merax Gaming Chair – Review- Best Midrange Gaming Chair

Gaming Chairs for Every Budget in 2023 35

If your desire is to have an affordable and extremely functional gaming chair, don’t hold yourself back. We have found a perfect chair for you. It comes without the extra zeroes in the end, and it’s a satisfaction bomb.
Makeno mistake; this is a shiny thing to own, and comfortable to be seated without the high price tag attached to it. Yes, it could prove to your ticket for the ‘golden gaming’ years.

Merax Gaming Chair Build & Features:

This chair implicitly demonstrates that it’s not just another weak unit that can crumble against bigger opponents. It’s a very heavy and sturdy unit. Its strong frame can hold load up to 250lbs. The comfort of this chair is a huge upside too. It leans all the way to the back, of course, without breaking. So, you can simply chill back when tired. It’s perfect for all the tall guys too. Back cushions are included in the package for extra user comfort.

The seat padding is thick and comfortable as well. You can spend countless hours in this chair for both work and gaming, and still feel comfortable for extended hours. So, it’s perfect for your work and leisure needs. Believe it or not, it has most of the features of $500 plus premium chairs without the high-cost. It looks stunning, and it works well. Furthermore, it’s ultra-comfortable and extremely functional too.

  • It’s an affordable gaming chair. So, the price of this chair won’t create a dent in your bank account. The leather on this chair is pretty firm, and the padding is tight as well. Moreover, the stitching on this unit is very elegant and precise. There is a nice seal on the edges of the chair to ensure that the fabric doesn’t tear. It’s available in three different colors.
  • Head pillow and the lumbar pillow are included with the chair. The lumbar pillow can be adjusted as per one’s preference, and the head pillow can be easily removed if not needed or desired. Overall, the chair is ergonomically designed to provide necessary support to sustain long hours at the desk. Previous users vouch for this chair’s usability, durability, and functionality.
  • Assembling this unit is going to take a fair amount of time. So, be prepared to strip off some time from your busy world to get this unit in one piece. As such, all the chair parts are nicely labeled and have clear instructions in the manual. So, you should be able to assemble the unit single-handedly in about 40-50 minutes. Also, the armrests do not rotate in and out, and they are mildly unsteady. However, they do go up and down.

Despite these minor hiccups, this gaming chair is proving to be a hot-ticket item. If you are looking for a high-quality gaming chair at low-level prices, this unit won’t dare to disappoint you. Rare among us might not fall in love with this gaming chair. In a nutshell, this chair is a gem in its class and good for gaming

Cougar Armor Gaming Chair – Review- Best High-End Gaming Chair

Gaming Chairs for Every Budget in 2023 36

The Cougar Armor Gaming Chair is a perfect fit for all the true game lovers out there. If you haven’t invested on a gaming chair yet, then you should definitely include this one on your best list. This gaming chair can provide you with all the needed support and comfort that you wish for.
Basically, this chair could prove to be the game-changer for you. It offers great durability and sturdiness. Unlike other high-quality chairs that cost a fortune, this gaming chair won’t require you to sell your body parts for acquisition. For now, let’s dig into the chair features to explore the depths.

Cougar Armor Gaming Chair build & Features:

There are many reasons why we included cougar armor into our line-up of best gaming chairs. Right off the bat, the chair is comfortable as hell. It’s hard not to be impressed by its stunning looks. It shines even after several months of use. The backrest can be reclined down to a generous 180 degrees. It almost touches the floor. So, if you want to doze off after a hectic day at the desk, this gaming chair will have you covered. The plush pillow and back support that comes with the chair are incredibly soft.

The armrests can also be adjusted pretty much anyway you desire. They go up and down, and they can be shifted forward and backward too. Better yet, they can be moved closer or further to the body. They can also be removed. The high-quality material breathes well and cuts back on the sweat. So, you can comfortably spend long hours on this chair.It sits up nice and high, so it suits tall guys as well.

  • The shipping package weighs around 46 pounds, and it comes with all the components nicely packed to put together the chair. All the parts fit easily into the designated spots, so it’s a no-brainer to assemble the unit. If you haven’t assembled a gaming chair before, you can refer to the manual that comes with the package. The manual includes detailed information on where everything needs to go.
  • The heavy-duty built and high-quality material ensures that the chair won’t wear out soon. its a comfy gaming chair. All the logos are nicely embroidered, and it also features an iron steel piston shell for unmatched durability and low maintenance. Given the price point, the material is not real leather, but it almost feels like one. The wheels are solid too. So, it sits comfortably without rocking the world under your feet.
  • Given the fact that the armrests offer endless adjustable options, it wobbles a little bit. Also, this unit is bulkier than the other gaming chairs out there. Of course, the sturdy wheels throw the transportation hassle out of the window. Overall, this unit is worth every penny and easily qualified as one of the best chair for gaming

It has the looks, functionality, comfort-factor, and all the needed adjustability to make it a perfect gaming chair. In fact, it could be one of the most comfortable gaming chairs you could EVER own. Not to undermine the fact that it’s significantly better in quality than the majority of its competition. A good professional gaming chair that worth your money.

DXRacer Tank Series – Review – Best Gaming chair for Big Guys

Gaming Chairs for Every Budget in 2023 37

If you like solid-built chairs that can accommodate even the heaviest member in your house, then don’t look any further. The DXRacer Tank Series DOH/TS29/NE Big and Tall Chair Racing Bucket Seat Chair could prove to be a blessing for you.
Believe it or not, this chair has the largest seating area in the Dxracers history. The base and the entire frame are incredibly well-designed to support bigger gentlemen. In a nutshell, this chair is a whole different class of its own. Let’s dive into the chair features to know more about it.

DXRacer Tank Series Build & Features:

There is no cracking, wobbling, or rocking sensation in this chair. After all, it’s built like a tank. That being said, it’s made from soft materials to provide nice comfort. So, it won’t hurt your butt or any other body part over extended use. Moreover, the high backrest will be easy on your neck and back. Unlike its competition, it doesn’t get hot at all.

It gives you the feel of leather, and it’s very breathable too. The armrests go in and out, and you can also slide them back and forth. Moreover, it goes back nicely to a point where you could be basically down. It won’t flip over even when it’s subjected to a lot of weight. This helps one take a small nap on the chair itself, when tired from long hours at the desk.

  • They do a really nice packing job on this unit.The assembling of this chair is a piece of cake.The screws are already on the chair, so it doesn’t take too long to put together the unit. The chair specification states that it can accommodate up to 450lbs of weight. So, it’s perfect for all the big guys out there. The large wheels give it some extra height too. It offers plenty of arm room and butt room for the bigger gentlemen.
  • For the smaller guys, the weight bearing capacity of the chair would serve as an insurance policy. One can rejoice in the fact that the chair won’t EVER crumble under the weight. As such, the chair carries a lifetime warranty on its frame and 24-month warranty on its parts. Above all, headrest cushion and lumbar cushion are included as free bonus items.
  • It’s a really bulky piece of furniture. So, you should have enough real estate to accommodate this new member. If you can manage this issue, you should be good to reach out to your wallet to get this piece of marvel home.

It definitely has better fabrics, it’s comfortable, it’s designed for all people, and it’s extremely durable and functional too. Given the strength and quality, this gaming chair is worth its asking price. It definitely has a quality advantage over its competition and definitely one of the best gaming chairs for big guys.

Herman Miller Executive- Review- Aeron Task – Best Ergonomic Gaming chair

Gaming Chairs for Every Budget in 2023 38

If you have tried chair after chair, the Herman Miller Executive Aeron Task Chair could prove to be the final terminal station for you.Yes, this is NOT one of the recess experiments gone wrong units.It’s a mainstream chair that’s built to last. In fact, it’s one of the top-of-the-line office chairs that can easily cater to your leisure needs as well.

A full day can literally fly by on this chair without any back pain or body ache. It offers plenty of airflow, and there is no heat buildup. It’s a lot more ergonomically friendly than the other models out there, so it won’t take your body through a roller-coaster ride filled with pain and stress. Let’s get to the chair details to know more about this classy chair.

Herman Miller Executive Aeron Build & Features:

It comes with highly polished cast aluminum frame, extremely breathable fabric, and adjustable lumbar support. The seat is well-constructed and incredibly comfortable. The superior ergonomics reduces pressure point and offers unmatched support. You will stay cool in this chair even while wearing a suit. It absorbs body pain by evenly distributing the stress.

It has plenty of adjustment options to set it exactly the way you like it. You can easily lean forward or backward on this chair. Unlike the competition, this unit comes with leather armrests. The height of the armrests can also be adjusted like a breeze. They can be moved in and out as well. Moreover, the lumbar support can be tightened too.

  • Minimal assembly is required on this chair. Also, it’s available in different sizes— small, medium, and large. The fit and finish of the chair are unparalleled. Moreover, the mesh is odor-free. So, you will not sweat into the paddings and build up body odor with every passing day. The steel portion of the chair is shiny as hell. You can dare anyone out there to find a shinier chair than this one.
  • This classy chair is pretty lightweight, and it can be easily rolled across the floor. It’s comfortable, and it will last for years to come. It’s ideal for anyone who uses PC for games, work, TV shows, and movies. It fits the body contour very well. Moreover, the chair comes with a long 12-year warranty. Believe it or not, the majority of the chair parts are recyclable.
  • It’s easily one of the most comfortable chairs on the face of this planet. There are no drawbacks to this chair other than the cost. It costs a hard to swallow number. Yes, it’s the most expensive. Given the quality and features, the chair is worth the asking price, but it could be above and beyond most budgets for a gaming chair.

That being said, if you spend long hours at the desk, this chair could prove to the best investment ever. For the cost, it’s smooth as butter. It works flawlessly and gives you an overall sense of well-being. In a nutshell, its one of the best expensive gaming chair

GT Omega EVO XL Racing -Review – Best versatile Gaming Chair

Gaming Chairs for Every Budget in 2023 39

Gaming Chairs for Every Budget in 2023 40

If you are looking to step up your game, the GT Omega EVO XL Racing Office Chair Black and Red Leather Esport Gaming seat can help you out. This chair is ideal for a heavier girl or guy. It’s wider, taller, and it has a load bearing capacity of 150kg. So, almost anyone out who plays games or edits videos at the desk for numerous hours at a stretch can consider this superior built chair.

It’s perfect for home, office, corporate events, and gaming sessions. With extra leg room, superior support, and luxurious comfort this chair is designed to be a people-pleaser. That said, the chair does have some minor pitfalls as well. Let’s get to it in a while. We will start with the chair features first.

GT Omega EVO XL Racing Gaming Chair Build & Features:

Best gaming chairs are built for long life. Screw compromise with this chair because it offers a great deal of comfort as well. Moreover, it has sturdy aluminum 5 point star base and large castor wheels for easy movement. Furthermore, it comes with a lumbar pillow that has straps behind it for adjustment. It also arrives with a detachable headrest pillow, which made of softer material than the chair itself.

The armrests are fully adjustable and removable. Also, the chair leans back easily making it a solid choice for those who want to watch movies or just take a short nap. Unlike other low-cost gaming chairs, this one won’t make your back sore on extended use. It looks beautiful, and the comfortable cushioning makes you feel wonderful as well.

  • GT omega chair murders the age-old notion, which says, “Great things come in small packages”. Given its size, it comes in a large cardboard box which is nicely secured to prevent damage. All the parts fit in well together, so it doesn’t make irritating sounds down the road. It stays dead silent.
  • At first impression, it looks like a car seat, and it actually gives you a feeling of a legitimate racing car seat in a good way.And you won’t be turned off by the pricing. Also, the chair should last a long time. It doesn’t show wear and tear even after months and months of use.
  • Assembling the chair is almost like a workout for first timers. If you don’t have anyone helping you, it will take you well over an hour to put this unit together. But, it does carry an instruction manual to make the job easy. It’s a one-time necessary evil, but it’s worth mentioning over here. Also, you don’t have colors choices to choose from.

Overall, it’s comfortable, affordable, flexible, and relatively well-built. For the price, it’s actually a killer deal. So, you won’t regret your purchase decision because of the features that you get for the price point. Some of the gaming chairs with similar features can go for over three times the cost of this.

Gaming Chairs 2019 Buying Guide

Gaming Chairs for Every Budget in 2023 41

Being a creature of habits, we often latch onto inferior stuff that disguised as high-end products. Like lambs to the slaughter, hardworking families lose a ton of money everyday on products that fail to live up even to their basic expectations. The gaming chair market is no different.
For every good chair, there are at least five of them that suck. So, before you reach out to your wallet, take a good look at the gaming chair buying guide given below. It will help you make a well-informed decision without throwing an arm and a leg. And how do you find best gaming chairs


Have a decent budget in place for a good gaming chair. As they say, “A fool and his money can easily be parted.” So, don’t fall for the dirt cheap chairs. There is no easy way to blow your money than to spend it on inferior gaming chairs. Expect to spend at least a few hundred dollars, if not more for a good quality chair.


The chair should have room for some customization so that you are able to adjust the chair to make it comfortable and supportive for you. The chair must be height adjustable so that you are able to move it up and down in accordance to your height. The armrests also need to be adjustable. Moreover, the backrest should recline to a certain degree so that you are able to rest casually on the chair when you feel tired.


Go for something that has good quality fabrics and cushioning. Choose a material that feels soft on touch. It should not be like a car seat on wheels. If it’s too hard, it won’t be easy on your back. Generally speaking, our body won’t be able to tolerate the hard contact for too long. As a result, you will feel back pain and body aches. Remember, right cushioning is the key when you want to spend long hours in the chair without the undesirable pain and discomfort.


If you bring home a giant size chair, make sure that you have adequate real estate for the beast. In other words, if space is a concern for you, don’t blow your money on a bulky chair. Read the dimensions of the chair and see if it fits your gaming area before ordering a gaming chair online. This may not seem like a rocket science advice, but there are scores of gamers out there who have made this mistake in the past.


Yes, size matters over here. Some gaming chairs designed for average users, so they may fail to provide adequate comfort to all the bigger gentlemen out there. Moreover, a wrong size chair may not be easy on your back and neck. So, make sure to get a chair that’s appropriate to your height and weight. Best gaming chairs comes with a lot of expansion room. your best bet would be to read the chair description carefully to get information on the sizing and weight capacity of the chair.

Style and Color

This is a no brainer thing. Preferably, choose a color that you like. Online giant sites such as Amazon offer a wide array of choices with regards to both style and color. So, you can save yourself a trip to a local shop that offers limited styles and choices due to real estate or any other limitation.

Quality and Review summary

Goes without saying, the craftsmanship on the chair has to be good or else the chair would disappoint you too soon. The fabrics may not hold for too long, and it will fail to provide you the support and comfort you need. Moreover, the wheels might give up too early or the chair might start wobbling even with the slightest of body contact. Some inferior quality chairs can also make more sound than a noisy fan. To avoid all these hassles, choose a high-quality chair. The best gaming chairs should’ve high quality.

Hopefully, you will benefit from our research, and get yourself a good quality gaming chair without blowing away a lot of time, effort, and money.

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