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Best Ethernet Cables for PS5: Top Picks & Reviews 2021

Best Ethernet Cables for PS5: Top Picks & Reviews 2021 21
Picture showing the plug of a high speed ethernet cable for ps5

The PS5 is now out, and if you managed to snag one for yourself, you’re probably looking forward to playing some of the new games that are out for it. The odds are that you’ll be buying many of your games as digital downloads, especially if you own the “digital-only” version of the PS5.

The first question is Does The PS5 Have An Ethernet LAN Port?

Yes, the PlayStation 5 does have an Ethernet LAN port located on the back of the PS5. And is rated for 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T. Which offers speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second. and to get the best out of the PS5’s Ethernet port you should use at least a Category 6 or higher LAN cable which we’ll list below!

Luckily, the PS5 comes with a built-in WiFi adapter, making it easy to connect your console to the internet. It also comes with an input for an Ethernet cable. While most people are probably just going to use WiFi to connect their PS5 to the internet, an Ethernet connection is better in several ways.

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The upside of WiFi, of course, is that no cables are involved, meaning you have more freedom in where you can store your console (since you don’t have to worry about whether or not your console is close enough to an Ethernet port).

However, an Ethernet connection is superior to a WiFi connection in almost every other regard. An Ethernet connection is almost always faster than a WiFi connection and more secure and less prone to interference than a WiFi connection. Ethernet connections are also better at handling large files and dealing with high bandwidth requirements.

Today, we’ll be checking out five different Ethernet cables that you may want to use if you want to set up a wired connection for your PS5. We’ll be checking out the features that each one has to offer and giving you the pros and cons of each cable.

Let’s get right into our product reviews!

Smolink Cat-8 Ethernet Cable
Best Ethernet Cables for PS5: Top Picks & Reviews 2021 22Best Ethernet Cables for PS5: Top Picks & Reviews 2021 23

Let’s start with a look at this Cat-8 Ethernet cable from Smolink. If you’re unfamiliar with the different categories of Ethernet cables, these range from Cat-1 to Cat-8. Cat-1 through Cat-5 are older categories rendered obsolete; nowadays, you can generally only find Ethernet cables built from Cat-5e to Cat-8 standards.

Cat-8 cables are the best category currently available; they provide the highest download speeds and give you the most bandwidth. Cat-8 cables also tend to offer the best shielding.

This cable from Smolink is no exception. It can handle a maximum transmission speed of 40 gb/s and support up to 2000 MHz of bandwidth. It’s also built to be waterproof and resistant to UV light, so it’s pretty durable as far as Ethernet cables go.

This Cat-8 cable is available in lengths from 3 feet to 100 feet.


  • A huge variety of cable lengths are available
  • This cable is built to be durable
  • This cable is highly capable and provides fast internet performance


  • The performance of this cable may be way higher than most people actually need

AmazonBasics Cat-7 Ethernet Cable
Best Ethernet Cables for PS5: Top Picks & Reviews 2021 24Best Ethernet Cables for PS5: Top Picks & Reviews 2021 25

Next up, let’s check out a Cat-7 cable from AmazonBasics. Being that this is only a Cat-7 cable, it’s not quite as capable as a Cat-8 cable, but it should still serve the needs of most PS5 gamers just fine.

This cable can support transmission speeds of up to 10 gb/s and support up to 600 MHz of bandwidth. Like other Ethernet cables, it features a gold-plated RJ45 connector, which helps protect the contact points from corrosion and ensures that all data is transmitted accurately through the cable.

You can order this cable in lengths ranging from 3 feet to 25 feet long.


  • Solid overall performance
  • Amazon offers a 1-year warranty on this cable
  • You can order a pack of up to 10 Ethernet cables at once


  • It would be nice if longer cables were available

KASIMO Cat-8 Ethernet Cable
Best Ethernet Cables for PS5: Top Picks & Reviews 2021 26Best Ethernet Cables for PS5: Top Picks & Reviews 2021 27

For our third product, we’ll take a look at another Cat-8 Ethernet cable. Being that this is the top category of Ethernet cable available, it makes sense that this is one of the higher-performing cables available.

This cable can support a 40 gb/s transmission speed and up to 2000 MHz of bandwidth, on par with what you’d expect from a Cat-8 cable. It uses S/FTP shielding, which is the best kind of shielding for Ethernet cables; it provides external shielding and helps prevent crosstalk (internal signal interference within the cable itself).

This Ethernet cable is available in lengths ranging from 1 foot to 100 feet.


  • This is the fastest category of Ethernet cables available
  • This cable is designed to be long-lasting
  • Many cable lengths and packs of multiple cables are available


  • Again, this cable is capable of much higher performance than many casual internet users will actually need

MATEIN Cat-7 Ethernet Cable
Best Ethernet Cables for PS5: Top Picks & Reviews 2021 28Best Ethernet Cables for PS5: Top Picks & Reviews 2021 29

As far as Ethernet cables go, this one from MATEIN is relatively unique. Instead of a traditional rounded design like most cables use, this cable features a flattened design.

The objective of this design is to make the cable less obtrusive. The flat design means that if you choose to run your cable under a rug or carpet, it will be far less noticeable than a cable using a rounded design. This cable’s flat shape also makes it easier to place it flush against a wall, and it even comes with a package of cable clips, allowing you to secure your cable to various surfaces.

Otherwise, it’s a pretty standard Cat-7 cable, meaning it can support transmission speeds of up to 10 gb/s and a bandwidth of up to 600 MHz.


  • Flat cable design makes it easier to conceal
  • Capable enough for most internet users


  • One of the most expensive Ethernet cables on this list
  • Only available in two lengths (25 feet and 50 feet)

Cable Matters Cat-6 Ethernet Cable

Best Ethernet Cables for PS5: Top Picks & Reviews 2021 30Best Ethernet Cables for PS5: Top Picks & Reviews 2021 31
Finally, let’s check out this Cat-6 cable from Cable Matters. Cat-6 cables are fairly similar to Cat-7 cables in terms of their capability, although Cat-7 cables are slightly better in a few ways.

With this Cat-6 cable, you can still reach a maximum transmission speed of 10 gb/s, although it can only support up to 550 MHz of bandwidth as opposed to the 600 MHz offered by a Cat-7 cable. So while this cable isn’t as capable as a Cat-7 cable, it’s still pretty close.

Perhaps the main benefit of this cable is that it’s the longest one available of any cable on this list; you can order a cable up to 150 feet in length.


  • Available in the longest length (150 feet)
  • Built to resist corrosion and strain


  • The weakest cable in terms of overall capability


Even though it may seem at first glance that all Ethernet cables are basically the same, there’s a surprising amount of variation that you can find within this field of products. You can find Ethernet cables in various lengths, and different cables are also built to different performance specifications.

Ultimately, the best Ethernet cable for your needs will probably be decided by what you want to use it for and how demanding your internet requirements are likely to be. Our goal with this article was not to pick the best Ethernet cable for you but to give you an idea of the different products that are out there and help you consider your specific Ethernet cable needs.

Tip : As you have learned that the PS5 only has a gigabit port, meaning the fastest speed it supports is CAT5e. but getting cat 6 or higher recommended for future-proofing 

We hope we’ve been able to help you find out what you wanted to know!

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