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Best 4K TVs for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro in 2020- HDR Gaming

Which is the best 4k hdr gaming TV for ps4 pro and xbox one x? It’s been asked over 9000 times!! yes. every year new tv’s get released

hdr 4k tv ps4 pro and xbox one x

Most are purely marketing garbage and doesn’t have that gaming aura around them. And don’t you think It’s really helpful if they come with the label ‘Tv is compatible with ps4 pro’ or ‘x1x’?

That is why we have created this exclusive list of best 4k hdr tvs 2019 for ps4 pro & X1X. And here’s the rundown of the top 4k TVs of 2019 for gaming

Best 4K HDR Gaming TVs 2019

See the comparison table of top choice 4k hdr tv to pick best for you in budget price. Input lags and HDR game rating are also added for reference.

CategoryName Input Lag (4K+ HDR) Peak Brightness ( HDR 10% window)Panel featureHDR game Rating
Best Premium 4K HDR TVLG OLED C8
Best 4K TVs for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro in 2020- HDR Gaming 21Best 4K TVs for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro in 2020- HDR Gaming 22
21.4 ms907nits OLED 10 bit8.7
Best High-end 4K HDR TVSamsung Q8FN
Best 4K TVs for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro in 2020- HDR Gaming 23Best 4K TVs for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro in 2020- HDR Gaming 24
19 ms1233 nitsFALD with 40 local dimming zones - 10bit8.7
Best Mid-range 4k HDR TVSony 900F
Best 4K TVs for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro in 2020- HDR Gaming 25Best 4K TVs for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro in 2020- HDR Gaming 26
24.2 ms988 nitsFALD - 10bit8.6
Best Mid range + Budget TV Vizio P-Series (2018)
Best 4K TVs for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro in 2020- HDR Gaming 27Best 4K TVs for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro in 2020- HDR Gaming 28
27.3 ms824 nitsFALD - 10 bit
75" has - 120 local dimming zones
65" has -100 zones
55" has - 56 zones
Best Budget 4K HDR TVTCL R617
Best 4K TVs for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro in 2020- HDR Gaming 29Best 4K TVs for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro in 2020- HDR Gaming 30
19.6ms1009 nitsFALD - 10bit8.4

Also, It’s worth noting that Samsung  recently partnered with Microsoft for the Xbox one X. Now they are recommending Samsung QLED tv’s  for HDR gaming. There are some benefits when getting QLED TVs for Xbox one X. for instance, It’ll instantly recognize the Xbox One X  on connection and you can give a voice command ‘game mode’ on the remote which lets you optimize game settings. Secondly, lifetime guarantee (10 years) against burn-in.

OLED TVs for Xbox One X and PlayStation pro

Well, now we would like to make a statement regarding OLEDs  why? For daytime watching, sports and bright scenes, LED tv’s produce more accurate colors.In games we tend to see more bright scenes and explosions.But for very dark scenes and night-time movies OLED better. X900F blacks are awesome. It’s just that OLED black goes way deeper at the same time having peak brightness near as X900F. So, if you game at night OLEDs will look better.

However, OLED TVs are notorious for image retention. To combat this, ‘there’s additional menu called ‘pixel refresher.’ ‘Pixel refresher will recalibrate the screen to get rid of this problem. The downside is the time to re-calibrate the screen. It’ll take approx 1 hr, and the tv needs to be shut off. While this issue is seen less in 2018 Oled TV’s, it’s still there. The image retention arises when playing games over a long time.But don’t worry! these are common with all OLED panels. you’ll be ok.

4K HDR Gaming TV- Before you upgrade, you should get TV with

Input Lag

Manufactures don’t disclose input lag values. Since you are getting tv for gaming, input lag should be the number one priority. Want proof? Search LG OLED B6 input lag fiasco. Input lag is the time taken from pushing a button on the controller to the action appearing on the screen. This can vary a lot in different TVs. If you are not playing first person shooters, then under 40 milliseconds is fine. for competitive MMORPG, the benchmark should be higher. If input lag value is very high, games are not pleasant to play and un-playable no matter how expensive the tv. Lower the input lag, better


Get a 4K UHD (3840 × 2160) HDR tv to enjoy the hdr games at its full potential. It makes a big difference in many aspects. TVs are not something that people replace every day. Its a one-time investment like car, house, and bike which you’ll probably use it for a few years. Besides 4k is the new 1080p and new consoles have native 4k UHD support.

HDR 10 Support

For HDR gaming you need HDR10 support. HDR stands for high dynamic range. It makes blacks darker and whites brighter which gives a far better contrast. companies name them different. 4K HDR, HDR Pro, SUHD, HDR ultimate, Q HDR,  HDR that…HDR this.Basically, companies have their own branding for HDR10.

10-bit Panel

Make sure the tv has has 10-bit Panel and Wide Color Gamut Support (WCG). There are TVs with the 8-bit panel, and 8-bit panel with AFRC. These are not bad but get native 10-bit panel to get the full benefits of everything if possible. If the panel is 8-bit, tv can accept 10bit signal but can’t show it. 8bit roughly translates to 16m colors and 10bit goes to 1 Billion colors. So you are missing out a lot of details. It’s why some TVs with HDR branding performs awfully when comes to Gaming and looks good in movies.

Peak nits

Look for peak nits. It’ll give an idea of the HDR visual highlights. 1000 nits is the industry standard. Quite a few TVs goes beyond that.

FALD Vs. Edge-lit Vs. Direct lit

This is no longer valid in 2019. you can see edge lit tv’s completely trumps FALD and vise versa

Best 4K TVs for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro in 2020- HDR Gaming 31

Top 4K HDR Gaming TVs – Quick reviews

We are resuming from where we left last year. Here’s our picks of the top 4k HDR TVs. The reason why we are comprehending the reviews is because you can see thousands online and it’s time consuming to read all.

See the reviews of top choice 4k hdr tv for gaming to pick best for you in budget price.

LG OLED C8 – Best Premium OLED 4K HDR tv for Gaming
Best 4K TVs for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro in 2020- HDR Gaming 32Best 4K TVs for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro in 2020- HDR Gaming 33

Crazy OLED TVs are worth to own. If you are LCD phobic and loves crazy black levels or doesn’t settle for anything less when it comes to picture quality, gaming, and movies, then this is for you! If you don’t mind spending a premium on TV, this is the Holy Grail of 2018. All the OLED TV’s of 2018 (LG) has the same picture quality. When you move up to higher models of LG OLED TVs, the changes are in designs.

So, for most people out there looking for a new premium purchase, we recommend the newly arrived C8 for the Xbox one x and ps4 pro. Not worth spending extra on higher OLED models because there’s no change in picture quality and all the higher models are using the same panel and the change is only in the design. Input lag is very low at 21.3ms and very good for gaming.

And as usual, the image tension on OLED’s are still a minor problem but it’ll be ok. as the chances are extremely rare and kinda near 0.9%. Regardless it’s amazing! If you own 2016 or 2017 oled versions we don’t recommend an upgrade for now.

Samsung Q8FN (2018) – Best High-End 4K HDR TV for Gaming
Best 4K TVs for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro in 2020- HDR Gaming 34

Well, the flagships are absolute beasts but less value for money. High-end offers a little bit more value for your money than flagships. Q8F build quality is excellent with a mixture of plastic and metal parts. Compared to midrange 900F, q8 is a bit punchier when comes to HDR as it can reach 1500 nits, And compared to OLED, as pointed out earlier the difference is in black level and that is also not much. The input lag is @ 19ms which is incredible. What’s more interesting is the 2018 lineup of QLED TVs supports FreeSync, which allows for smoother gaming without screen tearing If you own Xbox 1 x, this is helpful, as the Xbox One X support FreeSync.

Sony X900F (2018) – Best Mid-Range 4k HDR TV for GamingBest 4K TVs for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro in 2020- HDR Gaming 35

Best 4K TVs for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro in 2020- HDR Gaming 36

Best 4K TVs for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro in 2020- HDR Gaming 37X900F is kinda upgraded last year model 900E. It has new processor and supports dolbyvision which the former model doesn’t support. Besides, X900E has a Full array panel (good local dimming), better processing , and superior build quality. X900F supports HDR10 and has a native 10-bit panel. The input lag is @24.2ms. The refresh rate is 120HZ (1080p)(60hz-4k). Overall, great improvements compared to last years best mid-range tv. And we believe X900F is going to be the fan favorite of this year. Its still a bit pricey though. That’s why we included something that in between mid range and budget this year.

VIZIO P-Series 2018 best value 4K HDR Smart TV for GamingBest 4K TVs for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro in 2020- HDR Gaming 38

There are two model variants of this tv. The one with quantum tech called ‘p series quantum’ is different and falls in the flagship territory. The reason why we choose p series 2018 is, the price point vs. value. It’s nothing short of midrange and heavier than budget. You could get the bigger screen version without sacrificing performance.

The trade-offs are here and there compared to X900F but it’s only minor and doesn’t affect in any way. And saves you a ton of money which you can spend it on the new games or whatever you wish. The input lag is @26.9ms and also doesn’t make any significant difference compared to mid-range 900F.

What really interesting is, if you go to the bigger screen size, the number of backlight zones are gets increased as well. What we really don’t like about this tv is its operating system and user interface is not that great.

TCL R617 (2018) – Best Budget 4K HDR Gaming TV

Best 4K TVs for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro in 2020- HDR Gaming 39Best 4K TVs for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro in 2020- HDR Gaming 40

Hands down the best budget HDR gaming tv this year. We recommend this to every casual gamer and those with a strict budget. It offers more than for your money. New 2018 R series model is the more refined version of the predecessor P607. The input lag is 19.6ms in HDR mode which is very good for gaming. Peak brightness is also hit 1000 nits and panel is 10 -bit. We really recommend to get this one as its an amazing value for money

Final Words

If you are still wondering which one to choose and its worth to spend the extra money to spend on higher model tv’s? Yes and no. Depends on what’s your intent. For most people, the budget tv’s and mid range tv’s are good enough and you can use the extra money to buy new xbox one x or games or whatever you like. But one the other hand if you are a videophile, its worth to put the extra money on the tv.

Overall 2018 is a great year for tvs and gaming consoles. New tvs, Xbox One X and playstation pro exclusive games and plenty of other things to choose. What we really missing is the HDMI 2.1 implementation on 2018 tv’s. We hope it’ll available on 2019 tvs.

One more thing…the common question is it worth waiting for new 4k HDR TVs? New tvs will get announced during CES and usually available after 4-6 months. and to get the best price you’ve to wait till mid of 2019.

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  1. I am thinking about getting a new tv to run my new Xbox one X I want to stick to the Samsung brand seeing as I can still use my current Samsung surround sound kit, I am just wondering should I buy one listed in the Samsung model year like the Q7F or should I wait for 2018’s TVs because once I buy a tv it’s not going anywhere and I want the best out of it for years of gaming to come? Many thanks RJ

  2. I work at Best Buy as a claims supervisor… And the TCL 605 comes back way more often than the Vizio M Series… The TCL 605 doesn’t last as long as the Vizio M Series… I see TCL 605 returns in the backroom all of the time with very few Vizio M Series and P series returns. When I left work today, we had 62 TCL 605s that were defective and only 5 Vizio M Series and 3 Vizio P Series with defects… The Vizio M and P Series are a lot more reliable than the TCL 605. IMHO, when you buy a TCL 605, you have a 50/50 chance it will quit working in less than 30 days. TCL is on par with Sanyo regarding quality control. Go out and buy your TCL 605 gaming tv 🙂

    • I’ve now owned my TCL P605 for 7 months. Excellent TV for a mid-level gamer who would like a large scale 4k monitor with very low input lag (Lowest). Also, let’s not forget TCL being the 3rd largest 4k display manufacturer in world. TCL components are strictly TCL components. All these mainstream brands such as Sony, Samsung, and LG are sharing parts! Longevity shouldn’t be your concern. Selling The $69.99 2 year Geek Squad Protection should be your concern on the TCL tv. It has perfect reviews. 700+ reviews.

    • In all honesty, the TCL P 605 is extremely comparable to the Samsung 8 series tv’s. Nearly the same color gambit and volume. Better reaction and input lag on TCL end of things. 120hz refresh is all you need with native 4k hdr content anyway. Both win that category. I’ve heard bad rumors about the Samsung 8 series HDMI connect box interefering with quality of native picture a tad. Pass thru issues, etc. TCL wins the simple, yet effective Roku interface for the smart tv features. Lots of options and settings for managing picture/audio/accessibility.

      Save $350. Buy the TCL P 605

  3. Hello friends need some help with this please…..

    It says the LG C7 65″ supports dobly atmos sounds from it’s internal speakers, so why would anyone want to get an expensive atmos soundbar? Is it because the 40w speakers aren’t strong enough? And then if you get a regular soundbar and attached it to the LG C7 like the (SJ7 model) you will not have atmos sound correct? it must be a soundbar that is certified for dobly atmos (SJ9 model) to enjoy the full benefit of the sound of this tv? So basically what I’m saying if you want dobly atmos sound you must get a better sound bar like the SJ9 model or stick to the regular internal speakers of this TV? Thanks.


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